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IntroductionHouse Speaker Mike Johnson: A Controversial Figure

Mike Johnson politics, House Speaker Mike Johnson has been a figure of controversy due to his past affiliations and current political maneuvers. This article aims to provide an unbiased and comprehensive overview of Johnson’s political career, focusing on his association with a discredited practice known as “conversion therapy” and his recent political actions.

Mike Johnson politics, Mike Johnson and Conversion Therapy

Before his political career, Mike Johnson, a lawyer, closely collaborated with a group promoting “conversion therapy” in the mid-to-late 2000s. This discredited practice asserted it could change the sexual orientation of gay and lesbian individuals.

Johnson gave legal advice to an organization called Exodus International and partnered with them to put on an annual anti-gay event aimed at teens. Exodus International was a leader in the so-called “ex-gay” movement, which aimed to make gay individuals straight through conversion therapy programs using religious and counseling methods.

Mike Johnson politics, Controversy and Condemnation

The group shut down in 2013, with its founder posting a public apology for the “pain and hurt” his organization caused. Conversion therapy has been widely condemned by most major medical institutions and has been shown to be harmful to struggling LGBTQ people.

Johnson’s Political Career

In one of his first moves after being elected House speaker, Mike Johnson promised to form a bipartisan debt commission to tackle what he termed “the greatest threat to our national security”. This announcement sent shivers down the spines of advocates for Social Security and Medicare.

Johnson’s Stance on Conversion Therapy

Despite the widespread condemnation of conversion therapy, Mike Johnson has not publicly disavowed his past association with Exodus International. His silence on the matter has led to speculation about his current stance on the issue.

Political Maneuvers and Controversies

As House Speaker, Mike Johnson has been involved in several controversial political maneuvers. His promise to form a bipartisan debt commission was met with apprehension by advocates for Social Security and Medicare. They fear that such a commission could lead to cuts in these vital programs.

Public Perception and Criticism

Mike Johnson’s controversial past and present actions have led to mixed public perception. While some applaud his commitment to tackling national debt, others criticize his association with a discredited practice and fear potential cuts to social programs.

The Future of Mike Johnson’s Political Career

The future of Mike Johnson’s political career remains uncertain. His controversial past and present actions will undoubtedly continue to shape public perception and influence his political trajectory.

Final Thoughts

As we continue to observe Mike Johnson’s political career, it’s crucial to stay informed and critically evaluate his actions and policies. Only time will tell what impact his controversial past and present actions will have on his political future and the country as a whole.


Mike Johnson’s past and present actions have stirred controversy and concern among various groups. As the current House Speaker, his decisions and policies will undoubtedly have significant impacts on the political landscape.

Note: This article is based on information available as of November 2023 and may not reflect recent developments or updates.

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