John Travolta’s near-death experienceJohn Travolta’s near-death experience

How John Travolta’s Near-Death Experience Inspired His New Film “The Shepherd”

John Travolta’s near-death experience, Have you ever wondered what it feels like to face a life-threatening situation while flying a plane? Well, John Travolta knows it very well. The Hollywood star, who is also a licensed pilot, revealed that he had a near-death experience while flying a jet with his family in 1992. He thought he was going to die, but miraculously landed safely. This incident motivated him to star in the new Disney+ short film “The Shepherd”, which is about a young pilot who faces a similar situation and is guided by a good samaritan. In this article, we will tell you more about Travolta’s near-death experience, the details of “The Shepherd”, and why you should watch it.

Travolta’s Near-Death Experience

Travolta, who has been flying since he was 22 years old, owns several planes and often flies them himself. He is also an ambassador for Qantas, the Australian airline. However, flying is not always smooth and easy for him. In 1992, he had a terrifying experience that he will never forget.

He was flying a Gulfstream jet with his wife Kelly Preston, his son Jett, and his daughter Ella from Washington D.C. to New York. Suddenly, he faced a total electrical failure that cut off his radio and navigation systems. He had no idea where he was or how to land. He was flying in a stormy weather with low visibility and strong winds. He said he felt like he was in a “black hole”.

He tried to contact the air traffic control, but no one could hear him. He was running out of fuel and time. He thought he was going to crash and die with his family. He said he prayed and hoped for a miracle.

Then, something amazing happened. He saw a small airport in the distance. He decided to land there, even though he had no permission or clearance. He managed to land safely, without any damage or injury. He later found out that the airport was in White Plains, New York. He said he was so grateful and relieved that he survived.

He said that this experience changed his perspective on life and made him appreciate every moment. He also said that it inspired him to star in the new Disney+ short film “The Shepherd”, which is based on a 1975 book by Frederick Forsyth1.

John Travolta’s near-death experience, The Details of “The Shepherd”

“The Shepherd” is a 30-minute short film that will be available on Disney+ on December 1. It is directed by Andrew Cadelago and produced by Travolta himself. It is set in 1957, during the Cold War era. It tells the story of a young Royal Air Force pilot (played by Ben Radcliffe) who is flying a de Havilland Vampire jet from Germany to England on Christmas Eve. He faces a similar situation as Travolta did, as his radio and electric power cut out. He is lost and alone in the dark sky, with no hope of survival.

However, he is not completely alone. He is contacted by a mysterious voice on the radio, who calls himself “The Shepherd”. The voice claims to be a former RAF pilot who died in World War II. He offers to guide the young pilot to a safe landing, using his knowledge and experience. He also tells him stories about his life and his love for flying.

The voice of “The Shepherd” is played by Travolta himself. He said that he was drawn to the story because it resonated with him and his near-death experience. He said that he wanted to play the role of the good samaritan who helps the young pilot, as he wished someone had helped him when he was in trouble. He also said that he wanted to honor the legacy of the RAF pilots who sacrificed their lives for their country.

He said that the film is a tribute to the spirit of flying and the bond between pilots. He said that the film is also a reminder of how precious life is and how we should cherish every moment. He said that he hopes that the film will inspire and entertain the viewers, especially during the holiday season.

Why You Should Watch “The Shepherd”

If you are a fan of John Travolta, flying, or history, you should definitely watch “The Shepherd”. It is a film that combines drama, suspense, and emotion. It is a film that showcases Travolta’s passion and talent for flying and acting. It is a film that pays homage to the brave and heroic pilots who fought for freedom and peace. It is a film that will make you feel grateful and hopeful for life.

You can watch “The Shepherd” on Disney+ starting from December 1. You can also watch the trailer [here]. Don’t miss this opportunity to see John Travolta in a new and different role. You will not regret it.

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