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How to Avoid Derek Carr’s Mistake: A Lesson for Quarterbacks

Derek Carr Interception, Derek Carr is the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, and one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. He has been playing in the league since 2014, and has a lot of experience and talent. However, he also has a tendency to make costly mistakes that can cost his team the game.

One of the most glaring examples of this was his interception in the red zone against the Atlanta Falcons on November 26, 2023. Carr threw a pick-six to Falcons safety Jessie Bates III, who returned it 96 yards for a touchdown. This gave the Falcons an early 7-0 lead, and they never looked back. They went on to win the game 34-17, and hand the Saints their third consecutive loss.

Derek Carr Interception, What Went Wrong?

The interception was a result of Carr locking onto his receiver Rashid Shaheed, and throwing the ball behind him. Bates read the play and jumped the route, catching the ball in stride and outrunning the Saints offense. You can watch the video of the play [here].

Carr made several mistakes on this play that led to the interception. First, he did not scan the field and progress through his reads. He focused on Shaheed from the snap, and did not notice that Bates was lurking in the middle of the field. He also did not see that his tight end Adam Trautman was wide open on the left side of the end zone.

Second, he did not throw the ball with accuracy and timing. He threw the ball behind Shaheed, who had to slow down and reach back for it. This gave Bates enough time to close the gap and make the interception. If Carr had thrown the ball in front of Shaheed, he might have had a chance to catch it and score.

Third, he did not show good decision-making and awareness. He threw the ball into a crowded area, where there were three Falcons defenders and only one Saints receiver. He did not consider the risk-reward ratio of the throw, and did not take care of the ball. He also did not realize that he was in the red zone, where turnovers are especially costly and points are precious.

Derek Carr Interception, How to Avoid It?

Derek Carr Interception was a teachable moment for quarterbacks of all levels. It showed how important it is to avoid making the same mistakes that Carr did. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Scan the field and progress through your reads. Do not lock onto one receiver, but look at the whole picture. Identify the coverage, the pressure, and the openings. Find the best option for each play, and be ready to adjust if things change.
  • Throw the ball with accuracy and timing. Place the ball where only your receiver can catch it, and lead him to the open space. Throw the ball with enough velocity and touch, depending on the distance and situation. Anticipate the movement of your receiver and the defender, and throw the ball before they break.
  • Show good decision-making and awareness. Know the situation and the score, and play accordingly. Do not force the ball into tight windows, but take what the defense gives you. Protect the ball and avoid turnovers, especially in the red zone. Know when to throw the ball away, or run for it.


Derek Carr’s interception was a costly mistake that hurt his team and his reputation. He did not take responsibility for it, but instead complimented Bates for making a great play. He said he did not expect Bates to leave his responsibility and cover Shaheed. He also said his passing game coordinator Ronald Curry told him to keep playing and that he was playing great3.

However, Carr has not met the expectations the Saints set for him as the 13th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. He has made mistakes that are typical of rookie quarterbacks, not veterans. He threw more touchdown passes to Falcons players than his Saints teammates in the game. He failed to progress through his reads and find his open receivers on the play that resulted in the interception.

Carr’s reluctance to be accountable for his pick-six is telling of his mindset and leadership. He does not seem to be willing to admit his error and improve his game. He does not seem to be getting the feedback and coaching he needs to correct his flaws. He does not seem to be leading his team by example and inspiring them to win.

Carr’s interception was a lesson for quarterbacks on how to avoid making the same mistake. It showed how important it is to scan the field, throw the ball with accuracy and timing, and show good decision-making and awareness. It also showed how important it is to be accountable, coachable, and leader.

If Carr wants to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, he needs to learn from his mistake and work on his game. He needs to listen to his coaches and teammates, and take their advice. He needs to lead his team by example, and motivate them to win.

Otherwise, he might find himself on the bench, or on another team.

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